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Astrocyte Neuron Interactions (0183)

July 13, 2012 – July 15, 2012


Barcelona, Spain


Herbert Levine, University of California, San Diego
Suhita Nadkarni, University of California, San Diego
Renaud Jolivet, University of Zurich
Eshel Ben-Jacob, Tel Aviv University
Vladmir Parpura, University of Alabama
Peter Jung, Ohio University



Exciting experimental studies in the last decade have lead to an entirely new body of work on the participation of astrocytes in normal and pathological brain function. However, the development of a solid computational framework to support and quantify some of the pathways has been somewhat limited, partly due to the lack of intensive collaboration between experimentalists and theorists.


In this workshop we wish to bring together for the first time specialists, both in computational neuroscience and experimentalists in the field of astrocyte-neuron signaling to initiate a working dialogue between them. The field of neuron astrocyte communication has come into its own and provides a perspective that is complementary to the traditional neuron-centric approach. In the context of the emerging evidence that astrocytes are dynamic contributors to brain function, the goal of this workshop is to, cement collaborations that will ask exciting questions and lead to new insights.

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