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BEC 2013 - Frontiers in Quantum Gasses (4805)

September 07, 2013 – September 13, 2013


Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain

Photo Credits: Shuttershock, turismoenpueblos, Kristensen et al (2008), University of Colorado, Physics (2000)


Ehud Altman, Weizmann Institute of Science
Christophe Salomon, ENS, Paris Consortium
Nigel Cooper, Cambridge University


Tremendous advances over the last decade in the control of atomic systems have opened up a new field at the interface of quantum information science, quantum optics and condensed matter physics. For example, the unprecedented precision and control offered by ultra-cold atoms in optical lattice potentials allowed one to observe for the first time a quantum phase transition from a superfluid to an insulating state of bosons, to study strongly fluctuating low-dimensional condensates and to implement quantum logic gates on hundreds of particles in parallel. Even more intriguing opportunities are opened up by technologies developed just in the last two years. These include the ability to resolve and address single atoms in an optical lattice, to produce huge effective magnetic fields for the atoms using light matter coupling, and to establish long-range interactions using Rydberg atoms or polar molecules.

The latest developments hold the potential to revolutionize the study of quantum matter.


Confirmed speakers include four Nobel and Wolf prize Laureates:

W. Ketterle

W. Phillips

E. Cornell

P. Zoller

Other speakers confirmed so far include:
Immanuel Bloch (LMU-MPQ)
Tilman Esslinger (ETH)
Dan Stamper-Kurn (UC Berkeley)
Jun Ye (JILA)
Martin Zwierlein (MIT)
Jean Dalibard (College De France)
Eugene Demler (Harvard)
Jean-Sebastian Caux (Amsterdam)
Cheng Chin (Chicago)
Rudi Grimm (Innsbruck)
Francesca Ferlaino (Innsbruck)
Jaqueline Bloch (CNRS)
Fabrice Gerbier (CNRS)
Daniel Podolsky (Technion)
Hans-Peter Buchler (Stuttgart)
Maciej Lewenstein (ICFO)
Selim Jochim (Heidelberg)
Ulrich Schneider (LMU)
DimitryGangardt (Birmingham)
Jing Zhang (Tsinghua University)
Yong-Il Shin (Seoul National U)
J. J. Garcia Ripol

Thrust Area

Quantum Matter

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