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Spin Orbit Coupling in Correlated Oxides (2835)

November 05, 2013 – November 08, 2013


Trieste, Italy (ICTP)

Photo Credits:  Kleindiek Nanotechnik GmbH, Brandon Darnell,


Erio Tosatti, SISSA and ICTP
Ernst Meyer, University of Basel, Switzerland
Michael Urbakh, University of Tel Aviv


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Friction and Energy Dissipation in Man-Made and Biological Systems Poster

Friction plays a central role in diverse systems and phenomena that span vast ranges of scales, from the nanometer contacts of AFM tips and inherent in micro- and nanomachines and biological molecular motors, to the geophysical scales characteristic of earthquakes. Genuinely nondisciplinary, it straddles different disciplines, including physics, engineering, seismology, biology, energy, and more. Despite the practical and fundamental importance of friction and the growing efforts in the field, many key aspects of frictional and dissipative dynamics and their applicability to important problems in important areas including complex solid, liquid interfaces, non inert elements and especially biological systems and are still incompletely or poorly understood and explored.

Deadline for requesting participation: 31 JULY 2013

Thrust Area

Quantum Matter

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