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Light on the Quantum Leap: XFEL Applications for Quantum Materials 

January 16, 2019


Arizona State University 


  • Onur Erten, Assistant Professor, ASU

  • William Graves, Professor, ASU

  • John Spence, Professor, ASU

  • Nandini Trivedi, Professor, ASU



This workshop will explore non-equilibrium phenomena with interacting spin, charge, and lattice degrees of freedom including emergent phenomena in quantum materials. Extremely sensitive time-resolved methods at CXFEL will take advantage of multiple color pulses with variable attosecond to femtosecond delays.

X-ray free electron lasers (XFELs) are extremely bright light sources with sub-femtosecond time resolution and high spatial resolution using a sub-micron coherent beam. While XFELs have proven powerful tools for molecular dynamics, biology and chemistry applications, results in condensed matter physics have been limited. This is not due to fundamental or technical limitations, but to insufficient beam time - the current few machines available worldwide are heavily oversubscribed. Arizona State University is in the process of building a Compact X-ray Free Electron Laser (CXFEL), which will address this problem and offer new and unique capabilities, such as unprecedented temporal coherence and the ability to tailor the time structure of the beam at will using custom semiconductor masks. This workshop will bring together leading experts on quantum materials and artificial quantum coherent structures to explore the scientific opportunities afforded by the new machine.

More information can be found here!

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