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The 13th International Summer School for Crystal Growth

August 05, 2007 – August 11, 2007


Park City, Utah


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


The 13th International Summer School on Crystal Growth will be held August 5-11, 2007 at the Park City Marriott in Park City, Utah. Following tradition, the School will be held the week prior to the 15th International Conference on Crystal Growth in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The objective of the school is to provide a comprehensive series of lectures on theoretical and experimental aspects of growth and characterization of semiconducting, oxide, metallic, organic, and biological crystals. Lectures by leading researchers will encompass crystal growth and epitaxial processes, nanocrystallization, in-situ and ex-situ characterization, properties, and applications, with a focus on fundamental discussion of the chemical and physical processes that control the assembly of atoms and molecules from the melt, solution, or vapor. A textbook based on the lectures will be given to each attendee at the School. The level of the school is intended for post-graduate and post-doctoral students as well as researchers from industry and academia who are interested in fundamental knowledge of crystal growth and epitaxy. Researchers new to crystal growth as well as experts are encouraged to attend. The format of the School is designed to encourage interaction between lecturers and attendees. Informal discussion of student research through posters is planned during extended coffee breaks. In addition, several social activities will provide ample opportunity for discussions.

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