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Placement of Junior Scientists

Faculty Positions

  • Cristian Staii, Center for Nanoscopic Physics, Tufts University [ICAM Fellow]

  • Elad Harel, Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University [ICAM Fellow]

  • Sairam Swaroop, Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology [I2CAM Exchange Awardee]

  • Paul Whitford, Department of Physics, Northeastern University [I2CAM Exchange Awardee]

  • Michael Murrel, Department of Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison [ICAM Fellow]

  • Aleksandra Walczak, Laboratoire de Physique Théorique, Ecole Normale Supérieure [I2CAM Travel Awardee]

  • Svilen Bobev, Department of Chemistry, University of Delaware [ICAM Fellow]

  • Melik Demirel, Engineering Science & Mechanics, School of Medicine, Penn State University [ICAM Fellow, Workshop organizer]

  • Ivan Smalyukh, Physics, University of Colorado Boulder [ICAM Fellow, I2CAM Travel Awardee, Workshop Organizer]

  • Robert Endres, Computational Biology, Imperial College London [I2CAM Travel Awardee, I2CAM workshop speaker]

  • Christian Marianetti, Materials Science, Columbia University [I2CAM exchange award]

  • Ben Li Young, Professor of Physics, National University Taiwan [I2CAM Exchange Awardee]

  • Huiqui Yuan, Chang Jiang Scholar, Asst. Prof., Physics, Zhejiang University [ICAM Exchange Awardee, I2CAM Travel Awardee]

  • Cigdem Capan, Professor, Washington State University Tri Cities Campus [ICAM Fellow]

  • Dong Ki Yoon, Professor, KAIST [I2CAM Exchange Awardee]

  • Sichun Yang, Assistant Professor of Proteomics and Pharmacology, Case Western Reserve University [I2CAM Exchange Awardee, I2CAM Travel Awardee]

  • Rebecca Flint, Assistant Professor of Physics, Iowa State University, [I2CAM Travel Awardee]

  • David Mobley, Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, UC Irvine [ICAM Travel Awardee]

  • Rafael Fernandes, Assistant Professor, Physics, U of Minnesota [I2CAM Exchange Awardee]

  • Damon Clark, Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology [I2CAM Travel Awardee]

  • Jasper van Wezel, Lecturer, Physics, Bristol University [I2CAM Travel Awardee]

  • Suchitra Sebastian, Royal Society Research Fellow, Physics, Cavendish Lab, Cambridge University [ICAM Fellow, I2CAM Exchange Awardee]

  • Hassan Masoud, Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Reno, Mech Eng [ICAM Fellow, I2CAM Exchange Awardee]

  • Carsten Enderlein, Professor, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro [ICAM Fellow]

Senior Research Positions

  • Kristina Ilcheva Lilova, Project Scientist, University of California, Davis [I2CAM Exchange Awardee]

  • Neylan Görgülü, Senior Scientist, Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, ICAM [Travel Awardee, visiting scholar]

  • Vivian Zapf, Staff Scientist, Los Alamos National Labs [I2CAM Travel Awardee, Cargese School Participant]

  • David Graf, Research Asst. Prof, NHMFL Tallahassee FL [I2CAM Travel Awardee]

  • Shachi Gosavi, Staff Scientist, National Center for Biological Science, Bangalore India [I2CAM Exchange Awardee

Industry Positions

  • Arnd Huebsch, Consultant, D-Fine, Germany [I2CAM Exchange Awardee]

  • Jianping Pan, Software Engineer, Site Reliability, Google [I2CAM Exchange Awardee]

  • Florentin Popescu, Senior Analyst, United Airlines [ICAM Fellow]

  • Kapil Krishan, Research Scientist, Procter and Gamble, Singapore [ICAM Fellow, I2CAM Travel Awardee]

  • Kay Kunes, Researcher, Raytheon, Tucson AZ [I2CAM Travel Awardee]

  • Rahul Trivedi, RET Engineer, Intel, Portlant OR [I2CAM Travel Awardee]

Postdoctoral Positions

  • Anat Burger, Postdoctoral Researcher, Quantitative Biology/Physics, Harvard [I2CAM Exchange Awardee]

  • Demet Tatar, Postdoctoral Researcher, Materials Science, Harvard [I2CAM Travel Awardee]

  • Samuel René de Cotret, Master Student, Department of Physics, University of Sherbrooke, Canada [Travel Awardee]

  • Christopher Laumann, Gollub Fellow and ITAMP Fellow, Physics Professor, Harvard University [Travel Awardee (x2)]

  • Eunsong Choi, Research Assistant, Department of Physics, UW-Madison [ICAM Travel Awardee]

  • Ozge Malay, Materials Science and Engineering Program, Sabanci UNiveristy, [I2CAM Travel Awardee]

  • Shipra Singh, Superconductivity and Magnetism Lab, Chemistry and Physics of Materials Unit, JNCASR, Bangalore, India [I2CAM Travel Awardee]

  • Payam Mousavi, Department of Physics, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada [I2CAM Travel Awardee]

  • Youngwoo Yi, Liquid Crystal Materials Research Center, Physics, University of Colorado at Boulder [I2CAM Travel Awardee]

  • Rahul P. Trivedi, Liquid Crystal Materials Research Center, Physics, University of Colorado at Boulder [I2CAM Travel Awardee]

  • Shizhong Zhang, Department of Physics, Ohio State University [I2CAM Travel Awardee]

  • S. Yang, Roux lab, School of Medicine, U. Chicago [I2CAM Exchange Awardee, I2CAM workshop speaker]

  • Jong-Chin Lin, Thirumalai lab, Chemistry, U. Maryland [I2CAM exchange, I2CAM Travel Awardee]

  • Anne Poduska, JNCASR Bangalore, Rao Lab [I2CAM Exchange Awardee]

  • Kay Kunes, Cox Lab, UC Davis [I2CAM Workshop participant]

  • Benjamin Ueland, NIST Postdoc [I2CAM Travel Awardee]

  • Claudio Castelnovo, Postdoctoral Fellow, Theoretical Physics Group, Oxford University [I2CAM Exchange Awardee]

  • Kazuhiro Fujita, Postdoctoral Fellow, JC“Seamus” Davis Lab, Department of Physics, Cornell University [I2CAM Exchange Awardee]

  • Sourin Mukhopadhyay, Postdoctoral Fellow, JC“Seamus” Davis Lab, Department of Physics, Cornell University [I2CAM Exchange Awardee]

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