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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if the selection committee makes award decisions after my planned travel dates?

A: If you are awarded and decided to travel prior to the award decisions, ICAM will still honor the original trip dates and you can be reimbursed for the expenses.


Q: Can I change my travel dates after I have been awarded?

A: Yes. Prior to your trip, please provide an explanation for the change and your new travel dates. An updated award letter will be sent to you to reflect the new dates.


Q: I went on a group trip with my colleagues and paid for the group for certain purchases, can I be reimbursed the full amount for each purchase?

A: Yes, depending on the circumstance. If you paid for the full expense and will later be reimbursed by your colleagues for their portions, ICAM can reimburse you in full for that purchase. Note that a valid business reason may be required. If the colleagues you traveled with have their own QEX awards, it is preferred that each person submits their own reimbursement claim for their portion of the expenses.


Q: I need to rent a car class that is not included in the reimbursable class types, can I still be reimbursed for this?*

A: Unless there is a valid business reason for the class upgrade, anything that is not a compact, economy, or intermediate/mid-sized/standard vehicle cannot be reimbursed. You would need to provide justification for the upgrade (which needs to be approved by the department) to be eligible for reimbursement.


*If your university has a free-upgrade program (i.e. free upgrade for price of an economy car), please make a note in your reimbursement.


Q: I combined a personal trip with my research travel, what can I be reimbursed for?

A: ICAM can reimburse for business/research related travel and expenses only. For example, if you took a bus to meet family in another city (not related to your research trip), that cannot be reimbursed.


Q: I traveled with my partner/family and paid for their expenses together with my own. Can those expenses be reimbursed in full?

A: No, you will be reimbursed for your portion of the expenses only. Full reimbursement is only if there is a valid business reason for your partner/family accompanying you on the trip.


Q: Can I be reimbursed for COVID-related expenses?

A:  Yes, only if the expenses are related to the trip (before or during travel). Examples of reimbursable purchases include: COVID testing fees and store-bought medicine to relieve COVID symptoms (i.e. painkillers). Flight or other transportation upgrades due to COVID are not valid business reasons and cannot be reimbursed.

Q: What happens if my total expenses exceed my travel award?

A: ICAM can only reimburse up to the awarded amount. Any excess expenses have to be paid out-of-pocket and will be marked personal/non-reimbursable.


Q: I submitted my reimbursement documents after 60 days and the expenses will be taxed. Can I request an exemption?

A: An exemption request can be made, but it is difficult and unlikely to be approved unless there is a valid business reason for the late submission. Travelers are highly encouraged to submit all documents and receipts within 45 days of their trip end date to allow time for corrections and correspondence.


Q: I currently reside outside of the United States for university, but do not have a foreign bank account. Can I have my reimbursement wired to my U.S. bank?

A: UC Davis only wires money to bank accounts outside of the United States. If you do not have a foreign bank account, you cannot have payment wired to your U.S. bank. You must provide a U.S. mailing address for the reimbursement check to be mailed to.


Q: What do I do if I lost or don’t have a receipt for an expense?

A: You can provide a credit card or bank statement showing transaction date, purchase amount, and last 4 account digits visible. Please redact any other personal identifying information. Remember that meals do not require receipts, but do require an itemized list for actual expenses spent (see Section 5 “Meals” for more).

Q: I am an EPiQS member. Does the other institution have to be an ICAM member?

A: If you apply to QuantEmX as an EPiQS member, the other institution does not have to be an ICAM member. If you apply to Accelnet, the other institution should be an Accelnet member.

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