Science Steering Committee

The ICAM Science Steering Committee (SSC) meets quarterly, once a year at the ICAM Annual Conference and at three other virtual meetings.  The (SSC) sets the science direction of ICAM. This is primarily done through evaluating and making funding decisions on the workshop funding applications/proposals received in response to quarterly Calls for such.


Sharon Glotzer — University of Michigan (Soft Matter)

Stephen Kowalczykowski — UC Davis (Biological Matter)

Gilbert Lonzarich — Univ. of Cambridge Cavendish Laboratory

North America

Natan Andrei — Rutgers University
R. Stephen Berry — University Of Chicago
Antonio Castro Neto — Boston University
Piers Coleman — Rutgers University
Daniel Cox — University Of California, Davis
Vlad Dobrosavljevic — Florida State University
Laura Greene — Florida State University
Alan Hurd — Los Alamos National Laboratory
Aharon Kapitulnik — Stanford University
Robert Konik — Center For Emergent Superconductivity (CES), Brookhaven National Lab
Robert Leheny — Johns Hopkins University
Peter Littlewood — Argonne National Laboratory
Mike Naughton — Boston College
Vadim Oganesyan — The Graduate Center Of The City University Of New York
Johnpierre Paglione — University Of Maryland CNAM
Khandker Quader — Kent State University
Filip Ronning — Los Alamos National Laboratory
Leonard Sander — University Of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Qimiao Si — Rice University

Rajiv Singh — University Of California, Davis
Toni Taylor — Los Alamos National Laboratory
Nandini Trivedi — Ohio State University



​Che Ting Chan — Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology
Daru Chen — Zhejiang Consortium
Hong Ding — Chinese Academy Of Sciences, Institute Of Physics
Donglai Feng — Fudan University
Sailing He — Zhejiang Consortium
Kee Hoon Kim — Center For Novel States Of Complex Materials Research, Seoul National University
Masatoshi Murase — Kyoto University, CAEA
Chandrabhas Narayana — JNCASR Bangalore
Tuson Park — Sungkyunkwan University
Madan Rao — NCBS-TCIS Bio-Complex Consortium
Pinaki Sengupta — Nanyang Technological University
Junren Shi — International Center For Quantum Materials (ICQM), Peking University
Hirokazu Tsunetsugu — University Of Tokyo, Institute For Solid State Physics
Hai-Hu Wen — Nanjing University
Zheng-Yu Weng — Tsinghua University


Henri Alloul — Paris Consortium

Brian Anderson — Baltic Consortium of Theoretical Physics
Bernd Buechner — Leibniz Institute For Solid State And Materials Research, Dresden
Claudio Castelnovo — UK NESFE (NetworkPlus On Emergence And Systems Far From Equilibrium)
Jean-Sebastien Caux — Dutch Consortium

Matthias Eschrig — Baltic Consortium of Theoretical Physics
Malte Grosche — University Of Cambridge
Gilbert Lonzarich — University Of Cambridge
Eva Pavarini — Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH
Jorge Quintanilla — Hubbard Theory Consortium
Erio Tosatti — ICTP, Trieste

South America

Elisa Saitovitch — FAPERJ