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Science Steering Committee

The ICAM Science Steering Committee (SSC) meets quarterly, once a year at the ICAM Annual Conference and at three other virtual meetings.  The (SSC) sets the science direction of ICAM. This is primarily done through evaluating and making funding decisions on the workshop funding applications/proposals received in response to quarterly Calls for such.


Gilbert Lonzarich — Univ. of Cambridge Cavendish Laboratory

North America

Onur Erten — Arizona State University

​Stuart Lindsay — Arizona State University

Alex Navrotsky — Arizona State University

David Campbell — Boston University

Anushya Chandran — Boston University

Robert Konik — Center For Emergent Superconductivity (CES), Brookhaven National Lab

Alexei Tsvelik — Center For Emergent Superconductivity (CES), Brookhaven National Lab

Greg Boebinger — Florida State University

Vlad Dobrosavljevic — Florida State University

Laura Greene — Florida State University

Vadim Oganesyan — The Graduate Center Of The City University Of New York

Sarang Gopalakrishnan — The Graduate Center Of The City University Of New York

Collin Broholm — Johns Hopkins University

Robert Leheny — Johns Hopkins University

Khandker Quader — Kent State University

Oleg Laventovich — Kent State University
Alan Hurd — Los Alamos National Laboratory

Filip Ronning — Los Alamos National Laboratory

Toni Taylor — Los Alamos National Laboratory

Roland Kawakami — Ohio State University

Nandini Trivedi — Ohio State University

Ali Yazdani — Princeton University

Bill Bialek — Princeton University

Phuan Ong — Princeton University

Shivaji Sondhi — Princeton University

Andre-Marie Tremblay — QMAT Canada Consortium

Andrea Damascelli — QMAT Canada Consortium

Hae Young Kee — QMAT Canada Consortium

Pengcheng Dai — Rice University

Andriy Nevidomskyy — Rice University

Jose Onuchik — Rice University

Qimiao Si — Rice University

Peter Wolynes — Rice University

Ming Yi — Rice University

Natan Andrei — Rutgers University

Piers Coleman — Rutgers University
Aharon Kapitulnik — Stanford University

ZX Shen — Stanford University

Steve Kivelson  — Stanford University

Stephen Kowalczykowski — University of California, Davis

Rajiv Singh — University of California, Davis

Daniel Arovas — University of California, San Diego

Tarun Grover — University of California, San Diego

Michael Levin — University of Chicago

Ka Yee Lee — University of Chicago

Peter Littlewood — University of Chicago

Vidya Madhavan — University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Peter Abbamonte — University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Johnpierre Paglione — University of Maryland CNAM

Victor Yakovenko — University of Maryland CNAM

Lu Li — University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Liuyan Zhao — University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Cristian Batista — University of Tennessee / Oak Ridge

Alan Tennant — University of Tennessee / Oak Ridge


Satoru Nakatsuji — ISSP Tokyo

Hirokazu Tsunetsugu — ISSP Tokyo

Yuji Matsuda — Kyoto University

Kazuo Nishimura — Kyoto University

Chung-Hou Chung — Taiwan Consortium

T. K. Lee — Taiwan Consortium

ICAM China

Jianping Hu — Chinese Academy Of Sciences, Institute of Physics

Lei Han Tang — South Bay Interdisciplinary Science Center, Songshan Lake Materials Lab


Brian Anderson — Baltic Consortium of Theoretical Physics (University of Kopenhagen)

Matthias Eschrig — Baltic Consortium of Theoretical Physics (University of Greifswald)

Mikael Fogelström — Baltic Consortium of Theoretical Physics (Chalmers University of Technology)

Martin Leijnse — Baltic Consortium of Theoretical Physics (University of Lund)
Erik Koch — Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH
Eva Pavarini — Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH

Gunnar Moller — Hubbard Theory Consortium
Jorge Quintanilla — Hubbard Theory Consortium

Rosario Fazio — ICTP, Trieste
Erio Tosatti — ICTP, Trieste

Carlo Beenakker — Leiden University

Jan Zannen — Leiden University

Roderich Moessner — Max Plank Dresden

Bernhard Keimer — Max Plank Stuttgart

Hidenori Takagi — Max Plank Stuttgart

Neven Barisic  — Mid European Node

Silke Bühler-Paschen  — Mid European Node

Alexander Balatsky — NORDITA

Alexander Krikun — NORDITA

Henri Alloul — Paris Consortium

Luca de Medici — Paris Consortium

Claudio Castelnovo — University of Cambridge

Malte Grosche — University of Cambridge

Gilbert Lonzarich — University of Cambridge

Michele Governale – MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology


Meera Parish — Monash University

Jesper Levinsen — Monash University

Michael Fuhrer — Monash University

South America

Elisa Saitovitch — FAPERJ

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