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Updated 1/1/23

All travel is subject to UC Davis Travel Policies

Expense Report Deadlines

All UC Davis travel and entertainment expenses must be authorized, reported and reimbursed in accordance with University of California policies G-28 and BUS-79. UC policy requires all employees to report travel and entertainment expenses within 45 days of the end of the trip or event. For recurrent local travel, reports must be submitted monthly.

Late Expense Reports

Beginning January 1, 2019, UC Davis employees must submit travel and entertainment claims within 60 days of the trip or event end date. Expense reports submitted after 60 days will be reported as taxable income to the employee.

This policy includes all expenses including those paid on the Travel card, direct billing (CTS), and out of pocket.

This policy can be found in the UC Davis Policy & Procedure Manual 300-10.

ICAM asks that travelers submit reimbursements within 45 days of their last date of travel so that the expense reports can be submitted within the 60-day deadline.

What will the tax rate be? How do I know how much I will be taxed?

1. Travel Reimbursement Form

UC Davis requires all travelers to fill out the following forms for reimbursement of travel expenses. Please post mail all itemized receipts, the completed ICAM Travel Reimbursement, and the Meals Form to the address below, or via email to

If you do not have a domestic mailing address within the United States of America, please fill out the Foreign Wire Transfer Form. If you have a mailing address within the United States, please do not fill out the wire form. Your reimbursement will be paid via a check in the mail.

ICAM Travel Reimbursement Form

Reimbursement Form Sample


University of California, Davis
1 Shields Avenue
174 Physics Building
Davis, CA 95616-5270

2. Receipts


A valid receipt indicates dollar amount, date, place of purchase, identification of what was purchased, and proof of payment. Visible last 4 digits of a credit card on a receipt counts as proof of payment. Cash purchases should be noted in a comment, however receipts should be provided if available. Please leave all purchase amounts in the currency they were purchased in; do not convert to USD. Make sure expense transaction dates are clearly visible or highlighted on receipts.

  • Obscure or remove any sensitive or confidential information, including:

    • Social Security Numbers

    • Credit card numbers (except the last four digits)

    • Debit card numbers (except the last four digits)

    • Credit or debit card security codes

    • Bank account numbers, including numbers encoded on the bottom of checks

    • Passwords, including access codes for financial institutionsHome addresses (UC Davis employees only)

    • Passport numbers

    • Driver’s license numbers or other state identification card numbers

    • Date of birth information

  • See Receipts section for more information on acceptable receipts


3. Transportation

  •  Airfare (economy) between your home/work and destination: Receipt must show detailed itinerary and the last 4 digits of your credit card. If you are flying to multiple destinations on your itinerary, document a comparable round trip ticket. Travel upgrades and add-ons are not reimbursable.

    • The cost of airfare should be the lowest available commensurate with the requirements and itinerary of the trip​

    • These airfares always require an exception to policy and are only permitted in the following circumstances:

      • Lowest cost​

      • Medical

      • Circuitous routing

      • Red eye flights with required work upon arrival

  •  Car Rental: Travelers will only be reimbursed for compact, economy, or intermediate sized vehicles. Any size upgrades require a business justification, and are subject to approval for reimbursements.

  •  Personal Car: UC Davis reimburses travelers for mileage driven. For mileage reimbursement, please include the exact addresses of the departure and arrival destinations. The addresses are entered into our system, which automatically calculates the reimbursement amount.

4. Lodging

Lodging receipts must show the dates of arrival and departure, rate per night (to include breakdown of taxes), and method of payment.

Nightly Rate Maximum:

UCOP G-28 Travel policy limits lodging nightly rates to a maximum of $275/night when traveling in lower 48 states for less than 30 days. If requesting reimbursement for more than this limit, please complete this form. Travelers are asked to find the most reasonable accommodations available.


Room Sharing:

If lodging is shared between colleagues, please either:

  • Have the hotel split the bill and have each traveler pay their own portion. OR

  • One traveler pays for the entire room and roommates reference how their hotel stay was paid on their own travel reports.

5. Meals 

  • Meal reimbursement is not a Per Diem and should only be claimed for the amount of actual expense incurred not to exceed $79 per day (effective September 9, 2022).

  • There must be an overnight stay to claim meal reimbursement.

  • Alcohol is not permitted when charging the expense to a State or General Fund source.

  • All tips for meals are included in the same daily limit. 

  • Travelers should not pay for other travelers' meals, unless part of a designated Group Trip.

  • Receipts are not required for meals, unless the total of 1 meal if $75 or above. Receipts are always required for transaction of $75 or more.

    • Travelers who appear to be treating the daily meal limit as a per diem, by claiming the full amount or another fixed amount on a repeated basis without additional justification, will be required to provide supporting receipts for future meal claims, in accordance with BFB G-28. 

  • See Foreign travel section for information about Per Diems.

  • For travel to locations outside of the United States, the daily max meal reimbursement is dependent on the U.S. Department of State's website per location and travel date(s).

Meals Form Template

ICAM will only reimburse actual expenses spent. Receipts are not required, however the meals must be broken down by daily total, including type of meal (i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner). The daily meal limit is $79.00 for domestic travel with the United States, any amounts over that will be itemized as non-reimbursable. The itemization is required by approvals for auditing purposes. An excel spreadsheet (preferred) or list of meals is acceptable. Please include city that meal was purchased.

  • For example:

    • 8/15/22 - $13.12, lunch

    • 8/16/22 - $55.00 (total)

      • $10.00, breakfast

      • $15.00, lunch

      • $25.00, dinner

      • $5.00, snacks/beverages

6. Incidentals

  • ​Incidentals includes tips and gratuity given to baggage carriers or train porters.

  • Incidentals does not include purchasing of personal items, such as toothbrushes or soap.

  • Incidentals does not include tips for housekeeping, which should be categorized as lodging expense.

  • The daily limit for meals and incidentals is a combined $79.

  • Receipts are not required for incidentals.

Travel Restrictions

Travel Packages Purchased from Internet Vendors. Travel “packages” offered by Internet vendors typically do not include itemized expenses. Therefore, no business-related travel should be booked through such vendors unless the traveler has confirmed that each aspect of the package will be separately itemized (e.g., itemized hotel charges, airfare, car rental, etc.) to assure appropriate documentation for reimbursement.

7. FAQ

Follow this link to FAQ page.

If you have any questions regarding your reimbursement, please email

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