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Research Updates

Alpaslan et al.

1H NMR relaxation study of poly-vinyl pyrrolidone adsorptionin zinc oxide colloidal dispersions

Bhardwaj et al.

Levitation in the weak-field Quantum Hall Effect

Bozdag et al.

Optical detection of electrical spin-polarized charge injection in a V[TCNE]x~2-based AlGaAs/GaAs hybrid LED structure

Bu et al.

Regulation of Local Structure of Ternary Self-Assembled Monolayers Using Nanografting

Campbell et al.

Self Assembly of Gold-Nanorods in Cellulose Liquid Crystals

Chen et al.

Randomized Grain Boundary Phase Showing Macroscopic Chiral Domains

Green, E. L.

High Magnetic Field Investigation of a Low-Dimensional Organic Conductor Per2[Pt(mnt)2]t

Kanoo et al.

Coordination Driven Axial Chirality in a Microporous Solid Assembled from an Achiral Linker via In Situ C-N Coupling

Kim et al.

Heat and Spin Transport of Cold Atomic Fermi Gases

Li et al.

Influence of water on the electronic structure of metal-supported graphene: Insights from van der Waals density functional theory

Masoud, H.

Polymer Networks: Modeling and Emerging Applications

Neihsial, S.

Understanding the Binding Mechanism of Various Chiral SWCNTs and ssDNA: A Computational Study

Pal & Huse

Cooling across a superfluidnormal interface in spinimbalanced fermions – An analogue of a dilution fridge ?

Pandey & Smalyukh

Interaction between colloidal particles in chiral nematic liquid crystalsq

Pevnyi et al.

The effects of nanoparticle shape and orientation on the low frequency dielectric properties of nanocomposites

Ping et al.

A Rule-based Model for LAT Phosphorylation and Aggregation

Ping & Tang

Cell Fate Patterning in C. Elegans VPCs

Plumb et al.

Interactions in high-Tc cuprates: Large d-wave gap isotope shift and dispersive energy scales in (Pb-)Bi2212

Reidy et al.

Crossing-symmetric approach to studying features of Fermi systems near Pomeranchuk instabilities!

Saner et al.

Facile synthesis of polypyrrole/graphene nanosheet-based nanocomposites as catalyst support for fuel cells

Setty et al.

c-Axis Nodal Lines in BaFe2 (As1-x Px) 2

Shipra et al.

Effects of Ni and Co doping in FeSe0.5Te0.5 Superconductor

Shawuti & Gulgun

Toward A Highly Efficient Ceria-Based Composite Electrolyte

Steven et al.

Physical Characterization of Functionalized Spider Silk: Electronic and Sensing Properties

Sun, G. et al.

Study of crystallization in confined system

Sun, Z.

Role of proton ordering in adsorption preference of water molecule on ice surface

Suryanarayanan et al.

Extended BGK-Boltzmann equation with H-Theorem for dense gases

Takita et al.

Spatial Distribution of Electrons on a Superfluid Helium Charge‐Coupled Device

Vasquez et al.

Structural Characterization and Low Temperature Transport Properties of FeSb2Single Crystals Grown by Vapor Transport

Yi et al.

Alternation of Alignments in Thin Cells Made by Overlaying Channels

Yoo, J.-W.

Moving Toward Organic Spintronics

Yurt et al.

Widefield Interferometric Detection and Size Determination of Dielectric Particles

Zhang et al.

Enhance Solar Water Splitting Performance by Utilizing Near Infrared Radiation with Composite Films of Hematite and Rare Earth Doped Upconversion Materials

Zhang, S.

Bose-Einstein Condensate in Artificial Gauge Field

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