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Autumn School on Correlated Electrons… (8685)

September 25, 2017 – September 29, 2017


Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany


Eva Pavarini, Orschungszentrum, Jülich

Erik Koch, Orschungszentrum, Jülich

Richard Scalettar, UC Davis

Richard Martin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



“Autumn School on Correlated Electrons: Correlated Insulators, Metals, and Superconductors: The Physics”

The school aims to prepare the next generation of researchers for advancing the understanding of emergent phenomena in strongly correlated matter. For this, students need a broad background of complementary techniques ranging from traditional ab-initio methods to advanced many-body approaches, combined with an understanding of experimental techniques. For this we will bring together lecturers from a range of different established and well separated areas of condensed-matter research. The school is thus complementary to conventional curricula. To further advance the field, the next generation of students needs to work at the interface of all these research areas and must be able to judge works in all the subjects involved. The school aims at advancing the students to the frontiers of research, through a set of comprehensive and pedagogical lectures which focus on the essential aspects. The school will offer the unique chance of discussing open problems from many perspectives, ranging from ab-initio approaches to the hard many-body aspects and to experimental techniques.

The school is built around the challenge of understanding the phenomena arising from strong correlations in condensed matter, which will be presented already on day one. The discussion of open questions will be continued in the course of the school; open problems will be addressed in several of the more advanced lectures, as well as during the ample discussion times. Students will be prepared to identify the important unsolved problems as well as the common issues in strongly correlated systems opening up to new ideas and novel research directions.

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