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Baltic Consortium of Theoretical Physics

Joined ICAM in 2019


The Baltic Consortium of Theoretical Physics consists currently of six institutions situated in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, and Estonia. The goal of the consortium is to bring together activities in the Baltic Sea area, which historically has a strong connection to quantum technologies and quantum materials. Linking the activities across the Baltics has a great potential for developing condensed matter physics across country borders in Northern Europe and beyond, will strengthen the numerous common research strands, and will bring together a young generation of physicists within the Baltic Sea region.

Member Institutions: 

  • University of Greifswald, Germany

  • University of Kopenhagen, Denmark

  • Lund University, Sweden

  • Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

  • NICPB/KBFI Tallin, Estonia

  • Nordita Stockholm, Sweden

Branch Members

Senior Scientists

  • Matthias Eschrig

  • Mikael Fogelström

  • Alexander Balatsky

  • Ivan Khaymovich

  • Raivo Stern

  • Anna Posazhennikova

  • Tomas Löfwander

  • Brian Andersen

  • Martin Leijnse

  • Peter Samuelsson

  • Stephanie Reimann

  • Karsten Flensberg

  • Jens Paaske

  • Holger Fehske

  • Andreas Alvermann

  • Franz Bronold

  • Satoshi Ejima

  • Matthias Geilhufe

Post Docs

  • Florinda Vinas

  • Boström Ruben

  • Seoane Souto

  • Astrid Rømer

  • Jens Schulenborg

  • Niclas Wall-Wennerdal

  • Kevin Seja

  • Emma Minarelli


  • Damian Wozniak

  • Anna Levbarg

  • Athanasios Tsintzis

  • Simon Wozny

  • Martin Josefsson

  • Hano Sura

  • Daniel Steffensen

  • Ida Egholm

  • Clara Breiø

  • Gorm Steffensen

  • Ambjörn Joki 

  • Niklas Schulz

  • Oladunjoye Awoga

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