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Biomembrane Frontiers Workshop: Emergent Design of Biomembranes (8059)

September 01, 2016 – September 02, 2016


Davis, CA, USA


Marjorie Longo University: UC Davis
John Voss University: UC Davis
Subhash Risbud University: UC Davis
Steven Boxer University: Stanford

Biomembrane Frontiers Workshop Registration


Since the invention of the optical microscope in the 17th century it has been observed that biological membranes compartmentalize the cellular machinery of life. Then, nearly 100 years ago, it was concluded, through surface science, that the cell membrane is a lipid bilayer. Since that time, many observations and theories have been put forward to try to explain how complex behavior emerges in living systems from the ubiquitous lipid bilayer structure and its integrated proteins and carbohydrates. We are now in a period of time when some of the most important paradigms posited in the last several decades for emergence of complex behavior in living cell membranes are being tested and questioned. These include the membrane (or lipid) raft hypothesis and mechanisms for generation of curvature and lipid asymmetry. The goal of this workshop is to share recent results and generate new ideas regarding emergence of complex behavior in living cell membranes and non-living model biomembrane systems. The generation of new ideas will be fostered by a cross-disciplinary approach that will include speakers from fields of biophysics, medicine, and materials science and engineering.


Abstracts Available
Shape matters in protein mobility within membranes -  David Lacoste , Laboratoire de Physico-Chimie Théorique

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Biological Matter

Soft Matter

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