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Cargese 2012 - Emergent Order in Biology (12-3)

July 23, 2012 – August 03, 2012


Cargese, Corsica, France


Pierre Sens, CNRS ESPCI-France
Matthew S. Turner, University of Warwick
Massimo Vergassola, Pasteur Institute 



Complex, non-equilibrium phenomena in living systems can give rise to emergent behaviour. To understand the way in which complex behaviour and order typically emerges from a large number of smaller interacting subsystems we need to make progress both on solving (and posing) formal problems and on understanding experiments.

The objective of this summer school is to bring together PhD students and young scientists whose research aims at understanding emergent order in complex biological systems. We would like to provide them the opportunity to attend focused courses starting at a tutorial level but allowing to reach the state of the art in this field, both on theoretical and experimental aspects. The format of the school will also give attendees the opportunity to present their research, hopefully providing useful feedback and advice, including on possible future directions for their research.


We also aim to offer young scientists the opportunity to promote and discuss their work and exchange views with experts. We envision approximately 60 to 80 participants from the international community, including lecturers and guest speakers.

Thrust Area

Biological Matter

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