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Center for Novel States of Complex Materials Research - Seoul National University


CeNSCMR aims to study new or existing novel states of complex materials to discover multifunctional states or new ground states based on the study, and to develop and secure related measurement technologies under extreme physical environments.


In detail, first, we target to realize a final goal of achieving room-temperature functional states of complex multiferroics that shows nonvolatile, low electric field-controlled magnetization change. Second, we investigate exotic quantum mechanical phenomena of the unconventional superconductors such as Fe-based superconductors, chalcogenide superconductors and other low-dimensional materials and target to search for new high temperature superconductors. Third, we try to realize a novel state which has a high electrical mobility or conductivity at room temperature in the transparent oxide semiconductors. Furthermore, we’ll find and investigate new ground states of complex, emergent materials and develop multi-phase-space exploration tools for those emergent materials such as pulsed magnetic field, high pressure, and low temperature, in other words, extreme physical environments and related sensitive measurement-techniques.

The local steering committee is comprised of:

  • Kee Hoon Kim, Director and associate professor
    Center for Novel States of Complex Materials Research

    Dept of physics and astronomy, Seoul National University

Branch Members

Senior Scientists

  • Kee Hoon Kim


  • Byung-Gu Jeon

  • Chanhee Kim

  • Bumsung Lee

  • Kyongjun Yoo

Joined ICAM in 2009

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