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Condensed Matter Physics in the City - Towards a New Spectroscopic Perspective of Quantum Materials (8802)

June 11 – June 22, 2018


London, U.K


  • M. Eschrig,  K. Refson, G. Sordi (RHUL)

  • P. Coleman (Rutgers/RHUL)

  • S. Carr, G. Moller, J. Quintanilla (Kent)

  • A. Green (UCL), F. Kruger (UCL/ISIS)

  • Hong Ding (IOP Beijing)

  • T. Perring (ISIS)

  • R. Barnett (Imperial)



To initiate and foster collaborations in the exciting area of strongly correlated quantum many body systems, the Hubbard Theory Consortium ’s Summer Programme ‘Condensed Matter Physics in the City’ aims to bring together condensed matter theorists and experimentalists from the UK and abroad.

Following on from successes of the last years, a new edition of the ‘Condensed Matter in the City’ summer programme has been scheduled for 2018. The events will take place at Bedford Square in central London; at Royal Holloway University of London; and at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire. There will be a wide range of talks aimed at stimulating discussions between theorists and experimentalists.


For more information, please go here

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