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For the ICAM 2020 Global Summit/Conference, visit the website at: icam.physics.ucdavis.eduSchedule and recorded lectures can be found there. 

Monday, January 14 2019

Directors Introduction

Piers Coleman, Rajiv Singh, Chong-Sun Chu

Slides Not Available

Fu-Tong Liu

Cytosolic galectins as sensors for endolysosomal damage

Karine Guevorkian

Polymerization and growth in biological systems

Slides Not Available

Costantino Creton

A molecular picture of fracture of elastomers

Slides Not Available

Special Public Lecture

Topological quantum matter, entanglement and the second quantum revolution

Tuesday, January 15 2019

David Campbell

"A Moveable "Feast" of the Mind: Five Decades with David Pines

Piers Coleman

David Pines, Pioneer par excellance in Quantum Many Body Physics

Slides Not Available

Laura Greene

David Pines Beyond Correlations: Pioneering in Science Diplomacy and Public Engagement

Yuji Matsuda

Majorama fermons and half-integer thermal quantum Hall effect in quantum spin liquid

Slides Not Available

Henri Alloul

Correlated quantum matter: Mott transition, unconventional superconductivity,... change order

Wednesday, January 16 2019

Paul Canfield 

Synthesis as the heart of New Materials Physics

Duncan Haldane

Emergent metrix of flux attachment in the fractional quantum Hall effect

Eva Andrei

Twist stretch and poke - transorming the band structure of 2D materials by non-chemical means

Slides Not Available
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