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Space and Order: Do Virtual Black Hole Space-Times Explain Real Quantum Orders? (8834)

January 6 - 10, 2020


Leiden University​, NORDITA


  • Alexander Krikun, Leiden University

  • Christiana Pantelidou, Durham University

  • Milan Allan, Leiden University​

  • Erik van Heumen, Amsterdam University



  • Intertwined orders, pair density waves and the breaking of translation symmetry

  • Fermi arcs, d-wave superconductivity and breaking of rotation symmetry

  • Clusters of SYK nodes: emergent spatial symmetry.

  • Large D gravity: treatment of spatial structures in gravitational setups.

The aim of the workshop is to explore the connections between these topics and find promising intersection points, which, as history has shown, offer fertile ground for breakthroughs. We will consider the workshop as a success if we manage to determine these points of growth, where, for instance, the holographic approach could shed light on puzzling experimental features, or the clean theoretical treatment of the SYK clusters could provide a strong basis for particular holographic constructions, or perhaps the novel experimentally observed phenomena could serve as an inspiration for the theoretical model builders. The long-term impact of the workshop will be measured through the number of newly created interdisciplinary collaborations between researchers working along these lines and the high quality research and publications that will come out of these collaborations.

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