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ICAM Global Summit 2020

July 22 - 24, 2020













The ICAM Global Summit 2020 combined public lectures and discussions on science and policy in the area of soft, quantum, and biological matter, with policy meetings between the members of the ICAM network. Past ICAM meetings have been held across the world (Hsinchu 2019, Davis 2016, New York 2012, Cambridge 2010), but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s meeting was conducted entirely online via Zoom.

This year’s event brought together members of ICAM, and the public, to discuss the frontiers of emergent behavior in matter. There was plenary talk by Professor Zangwill on the life and science of the late Philip W. Anderson, who passed earlier this year, and was followed by a round-table discussion. There was also a round-table discussion on science in the era of h-index.


For more information, please visit the event's website at: Recorded lectures can be found under 'Media'. 

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