COR S.O.: New Physics due to Spin-Orbit coupling in CORrelated electron systems

August 04, 2015 – August 14, 2015


Cargese, France


Organizing committee

Marcello Civelli (LPS, Université Paris Sud), 
Radu Coldea (Oxford University), 
Hilbert v. Lohneysen (Karlsruhe Institut of Technology)

Consulting board

Henri Alloul & Véronique Brouet (LPS, Université Paris Sud) ,

Joerg Schmalian (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Marie-France Mariotto (LPS, Université Paris Sud)

The school aims at bringing together Ph.D. students and young scientists from all over the world working (or who want to start a new research path) in new phenomena emerging from the competition between strong correlation, spin-orbit or other non-trivial topological interaction.


Main topics will include
• Spin-orbit Mott insulators
• Topological Kondo Insulators
• Novel magnetic phases and quantum spin liquids
• New topological correlated phases
• Spin-Orbit effects in oxide heterostructures

A detailed project for the school is available here: corso2015

Lectures will be given by recognized experts of the field over a 10-day full immersion (August 4-14) into the friendly and stimulating environment of the IESC in Cargese, Corse (France). Moreover lectures will be supported by focus-topic talks given by international invited speakers.


Invited Speakers

  Silke Biermann (Ecole Polytechnique Paris) Spin-orbit in the iridates within DFT + DMFT

  Yong Baek Kim (University of Toronto), Theoretical background and overview of novel 
  electronic phases stabilized by the spin-orbit interaction

  Hidenori Takagi* (MPI Stuttgart-University of Tokyo), Synthesis and physical properties 
  of novel iridates and 3D Dirac materials

  Des McMorrow (LCN London), Experimental studies of novel order 
  and dynamics stabilized by the spin-orbit interaction in 5d materials

  Andrea Caviglia (TUDelft The Netherlands), 
  Spin-orbit-coupling phenomena in oxide interfaces

  B.J Kim (MPI Stuttgart), Emergent magnetism and superconductivity 
  in strongly spin-orbit coupled oxides

  Piers Coleman (Rutgers), Topological Kondo insulators


*to be confirmed

A complete list of speakers and a tentative program will appear soon.

The number of applicants will be limited, information about school fee and application deadlines will also soon available (tentatively at the beginning of April).