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Cuprate Fermiology

November 14, 2008 – November 15, 2008


University of Maryland, Physics​


H. Dennis Drew

Richard Greene.


The observations of quantum oscillations in YBCO (ortho-II YBa_2 Cu_3 O_6.5 and YBa_2 Cu_4 O_8 ) have suggested the existence of small Fermi surface pockets in the underdoped cuprates. This has produced a renewed interest in the transport properties of these materials and how the quantum oscillations are related to the extensive optical, ARPES, STM and neutron scattering data. The workshop will bring together a small number of key researchers working in this area to review the status of these new experimental developments and to assess their implications within the framework of theoretical cuprate physics. The workshop will feature a series of invited talks with open discussion and a poster session.

Thrust Area

Quantum Matter

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