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Energy Transport Materials and Systems: Emergent Properties and Adaptive Behaviors (6767)

December 14, 2015 – December 16, 2015


Boulder, CO, USA


Sean Shaheen, University of Denver
Thomas Furtak, Colorado School of Mines
Mark Lusk, Colorado School of Mines
Kingshuk Ghosh, University of Denver


6767 - Agenda.

6767 - Energy Transport 2015_Flyer

This workshop is intended to bring together researchers focused on the creation and analysis of complex systems related to sustainable energy paradigms.  At the smallest length and time scales, this encompasses quantum transport processes in nanostructured materials, while intelligent power grids are at the other extreme. The goal is to create a venue for exploring ways in which and physicists, chemists, materials scientists, mathematicians, and systems analysts can develop an approach to energy research based on emergent and adaptive behavior.  Within this setting, the workshop will have three themes: 

I) Quantum Metamaterials: Coherent and Partially Coherent Transport
II) Complexity at the Meso-scale: Incoherent Energy Transport
III) Intelligent Networks for Distributing Power

These are identifiable by their disparate length and time scales, but the underlying emphasis on energy transport links them. It is envisioned that considering these these divergent in the proper collective setting will yield cross-fertilization of ideas and unforeseen synergies. The overall purpose of such a convergence of disciplines is to explore issue relevant to energy sustainability and to inspire and propel new ways of thinking about potential solutions.  Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to emergent and adaptive behavior in the following arenas:

- quantum transport in complex nanostructures
- temporal and spatial emergence, preservation of complexity, and the robustness of emergent properties
- mesoscale polymeric and granular materials for energy conversion and storage 
- the role of complexity in bio-derived and bio-inspired systems transport paradigms
- artificial intelligence, electrical distribution networks, and the smart grid
- complexity and emergent behavior in global energy usage and sustainability

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