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Mon, Mar 11


The Graduate Center, CUNY

Snapshots of Quantum Dynamics: Constraints, Integrability and Hidden Orders

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Snapshots of Quantum Dynamics: Constraints, Integrability and Hidden Orders
Snapshots of Quantum Dynamics: Constraints, Integrability and Hidden Orders

Time & Location

Mar 11, 2019, 12:00 PM – Mar 13, 2019, 12:00 PM

The Graduate Center, CUNY, 365 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016, USA

About The Event


  • Vadim Oganesyan (CUNY)
  • Sarang Gopalakrishnan (CUNY)
  • Chris Laumann (BU)
  • Anushya Chandran (BU)
  • Anatoli Polkovnikov (BU)
  • Robert Konik (BNL)


  • City University of New York
  • Boston University
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • ICAM


Nonequilibrium quantum dynamics is a central theme of condensed matter, quantum optics, quantum information, and high-energy physics. The central question in this field—of how irreversibility emerges (or in some cases fails to emerge) from the linear, reversible laws of quantum mechanics—affects questions ranging from the feasibility of building quantum computers to the nature of the black hole information paradox. Progress has been stimulated by the cross-fertilization of ideas in small inter-disciplinary workshops. This CUNY-BU-BNL workshop continues in this tradition and aims to bring together a group of creative experts, young and old, to push the non-equilibrium frontier. Some topics of particular interest to this workshop are:

Many-body quantum scars, fractons, and the role constraints play in unconventional many-body quantum dynamics;

Hydrodynamics and dynamics of quantum information in integrable systems;

Unification of the theory of dynamics of isolated and dissipative quantum systems;

Experimental developments in quantum gas microscopes and related settings that permit snapshots of many-body systems, and probe new classes of theoretical objects, such as non-local order parameters and multipoint correlators.

This workshop shares many attributes with its predecessors, e.g. it adheres to the same formula with emphasis on short talks, long open discussion periods and a large fraction of junior participants including speakers.

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