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2012 Annual ICAM Conference

May 24, 2012 – May 26, 2012


New York, NY


2012 Annual ICAM Conference Page

Mark your calendar for our upcoming 2012 Annual Conference that will take place in New York City.  Meeting to take place May 24-26 at New York University and the New York Academy of Science. 


We will have sessions on New Materials for Sustainable Energy (confirmed speaker: Dr. Arthur Nozik, Nat’l Renewable Energy Lab and University of Colorado, Boulder), Frontiers in Biological Matter (confirmed speaker: Prof. Lynne Regan, Yale University), Frontiers in Quantum Matter (confirmed speaker: Prof. Hideo Hisono, U of Tokyo “Interplay of New Superconductors and Electro-active Oxides”), and Frontiers in Soft Matter. 

The latter session will also be the first session of the ICAM sponsored exploratory workshop on Emergent Phenomena in Active Jammed Systems”. 

Thrust Area

Biological Matter

Quantum Matter


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