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ICAM Annual Conference 2008

January 15, 2008 – January 17, 2008


La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico


D. Pines

D.L. Cox

Annual Scientific Extravaganza of the ICAM community!

Confirmed Speakers

  • Keynote lecture: Peter Littlewood, Fellow of the Royal Society, Chair of the Department of Physics, Cambridge University

  • Hilal Lashuel, EPFL Lausanne Switzerland, Grand Challenges in Amyloid Matter

  • Seamus Davis, Department of Physics, Cornell University, Grand Challenges in Nanoscale Properties of Correlated Electron Systems

  • Ludwik Leibler, ESPCI, Paris, Grand Challenges in Soft Matter and Green Materials

  • Greg Boebinger, Director, National High Magnetic Field Lab, Grand challenges in High Magnetic Fields

  • Steve Kowalczykowski, Department of Microbiology, UC Davis, Grand challenges in Biological Matter: Frontiers in Probing Protein - DNA Interactions

We will also have poster sessions from current exchange award winners, first year ICAM fellows, and Los Alamos postdoctoral researchers, oral presentations from second year ICAM postdoctoral fellows, and postdoctoral and senior fellows who have concluded their tenure.

There will be parallel “science open mic” sessions for ICAM members to discuss their exciting current research. We will also hear about the State of ICAM from the co-directors, have a town hall meeting, and have grant planning sessions.


Annual meeting of the ICAM Fellows Committee - January 14
Annual meeting of the ICAM Science Steering Committee - January 14

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