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International Centre for Theoretical Physics - Trieste


Main research activities:

  • Mesoscopic and strongly correlated systems

  • Classical and quantum simulations

  • Statistical physics and interdisciplinary applications

  • Synchrotron Radiation related physics

For more information, please see Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Group


Branch Members

Senior Scientists

  • Ralph Gebauer

  • Mikhail Kiselev

  • Vladimir Kravtsov

  • Markus Mueller

  • Sandro Scandolo

  • Erio Tosatti

Post Docs

  • Yasir Iqbal

  • Asja Jelic

  • Sebastiano Pilati


  • Fang-Yin Lin

  • Francesca Pietracaprina


  • Marcello Dalmonte

Joined ICAM in 2004

Workshop Application

  • Autumn College on Non-Equilibrium Quantum Systems

    • Author: Mikhail Kiselev

  • Majorana Fermions, Non-Abelian Statistics and Topological Quantum Information Processing

    • Author: Mikhail Kiselev

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