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Information Processing in Biological Systems: From Cells to Equations, and Back (4790)

July 15, 2013 – July 19, 2013


School of Science of the University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Photo Credits: Giambiagi Winter School,,,



Ariel Chernomoretz, University of Buenos Aires
Luis Morelli, University of Buenos Aires
Alejandra Ventura, University of Buenos Aires
Alejandro Colman Lerner, University of Buenos Aires
Hernan Grecco, University of Buenos Aires


Recent advances in our understanding of biological systems have largely benefited from interdisciplinary approaches. Physics has played a fundamental role in this dialogue between disciplines, providing quantitative methods that allow the precise formulation and testing of biologically sounded theories.

The central theme of the proposed meeting is information processing in biological systems, a key component to understand how patterns of complex behavior can emerge in biological matter at different levels of organization. Several key aspects of the proposed theme are planned to be covered, such as gene regulatory networks, dynamical aspects of signaling pathways, molecular noise, the quantification of information in cellular processes and the physics of the cell.

The meeting includes a one week school of five courses (six hour each), and a short workshop where young participants will be able to interact among themselves and with the lecturers. Afternoon poster sessions will be held each afternoon. They are aimed to provide the opportunity to boost interactions between participant and the invited specialists.

Important Links

Giambiagi Winter School Website
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Confirmed Speakers

Rob Phillips (Caltech) – Physics of the cell
James Ferrell (Stanford) – Small regulatory networks and motifs
Ivo Sbalzarini (MPI-CBG) – Noise in gene regulatory networks
Ray Goldstein (Cambridge) – Transition to multicellularity
Marcos Gonzalez-Gaitán (Geneva) – Information processing in tissues

Thrust Area

Biological Matter

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