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ISSP International Workshop on Soft Matter Physics (ISSP/SOFT2010)

August 09, 2010 – August 27, 2010


ISSP, University of Tokyo, Japan


Hiroshi Noguchi, ISSP


Soft matter science covers colloids, liquid crystals, amphiphilic molecules, polymers and bio-related materials. One of the characteristic features of soft matter and their complexes lie in the spontaneous formation of various mesoscopic internal structures such as lamellar, hexagonal, cubic, emulsion, vesicles, and even random phases having different topologies and symmetries. A large number of internal degrees of freedom and characteristic nano- to micro-meter scale assemblies gives a soft nature to them. A unique feature of soft matter is that by applying small external fields, such as shear, electric field, magnetic field and chemical stimuli, the characteristic structures show noble non-equilibrium phenomena. Especially, rheological behavior coupled with the structure change induced by the external fields (structural rheology) and vesicle deformation induced by the chemical stimuli (biomembrane) are newly developing research topics in the non-equilibrium soft matter physics. The aim of the ISSP workshop is bringing together scientists on these two topics to encourage deep discussion, exchange of preliminary research information and presentation of young researchers.

Thrust Area

Soft Matter

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