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Kent State University


ICAM-related research at Kent State University is fairly broad. Senior and junior scientists are engaged in theoretical, experimental, and computational work in quantum matter including correlated electron systems, ultracold atoms,  etc;  soft matter including liquid crystals, membranes, etc; biological physics/chemistry including molecular biological physics,  protein folding and binding, stochastic simulation in biological systems, lipid and membrane biophysics, liquid crystalline properties of biological systems, biocomplexity in ecosystems, etc.


Research in these areas are carried out in varying degrees in the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, the Liquid Crystal Institute/Chemical Physics, the Water Resources Research Institute, and the School for Biomedical Sciences. More details on the Kent State ICAM-active participants and their research can be found in the respective webpages of these departments and institutes.

Kent State University Branch Coordinator:

  • Khandker F. Quader, Professor, Department of Physics


KSU-ICAM Steering Committee:

  • Oleg Lavrentovich,Trustees Research Professor, Liquid Crystal Institute/Department of Chemical Physics

  • Laura Leff, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences 

  • John Portman, Associate Professor, Department of Physics

  • Paul Farrell, Department of Computer Science

  • Arne Gericke, Associate Professor, Chemistry (2003-2011)—to be replaced.

Branch Members

Senior Scientists

  • Carmen Almasan

  • Hamza Balci

  • Liang-Chy Chien

  • Barry Dunietz

  • Maxim Dzero

  • Eugene Gartland

  • Torsten Hegmann

  • Antal Jakli

  • Chanjoong Kim

  • Edgar Kooijman

  • Satyen Kumar

  • Oleg Lavrentovich

  • Patrick Lorch

  • Elizabeth Mann

  • Peter Palffy-Muhoray

  • Khandker Quader

  • Almut Schroeder

  • Jonathan Selinger

  • Robin Selinger

  • Qi-Huo Wei

  • Hiroshi Yokoyama​

Post Docs

  • Tao Hu

  • Ji Ma

  • Johanna Rankenberg

  • Shawn Ryan


  • Pavan Kumar Challa

  • Nicholas Diorio

  • Zachary Graber

  • Pritam Mandal

  • Prithviraj Nandigrami

  • Thanh Son Nguyen

  • Shokir Pardaev

  • Mykhailo Pevnyi

  • Piotr Popov

  • Sujay Ray

  • Kelly Reidy

  • Seyyed Muhammad Salili

  • Anshul Sharma

  • Pengtao Shen

  • Yogesh Singh

  • Jie Xiang

  • Shuang Zhou


  • Amanda Lindsay

  • Courtney Robison

Joined ICAM in 2003

Workshop Application

  • 13th International Conference on Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals - FLC 2011: Advances in Chiral and Polar Soft Matter

    • Author: Antal Jakli

  • Chirality at the Nanoscale

    • Author: Torsten Hegmann

  • 2016 MRS Spring Meeting on Liquid Crystals

    • Author: Liang-Chy Chien

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