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Light-Controlled Liquid Crystalline Complex Adapative Materials: (LC)2CAM

August 08, 2008 – August 10, 2008


Boulder, Colorado


Ivan Smalyukh and Noel Clark (University of Colorado, Boulder)


Advances in the liquid crystal research enabled the explosive growth of information technologies. Nowadays, the high-quality displays, non-mechanical beam steering devices, and switching elements in optical telecommunication networks can hardly be imagined without liquid crystals. Unique sensitivity of liquid crystals to light and especially to laser beams allows one to control their structure and opens numerous possibilities for technological applications. Liquid crystals composed of or doped with nano-sized particles are of a great interest for emerging new applications such as the tunable and frequency selective negative index media. The anticipated new technological developments are closely related to a number of interesting emerging problems in basic science of liquid crystals that attract great interest.

Boulder LC2CAM International Workshop will enable researchers working at the forefronts of materials science & optics to discuss the emerging uses of light for control of ordered soft materials and advances in the use of liquid crystals to control light. Boulder LC2CAM Workshop will bring together both prominent & junior scientists. Participation of students & postdoctoral fellows is strongly encouraged, and up to 20 fellowships will be awarded to support travel of early-career scientists. The presentations will be webcasted in real time and, in addition to the on-site audience, registered participants around the World will have an opportunity to ask questions.

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