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Locomotion and Navigation from Files to Robots (8819)

July 10 - July 12, 2019


The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics - ICTP, Trieste, Italy


  • Antonio Celani, Quantitative Life Sciences, ICTP, Italy (ICAM branch)

  • Massimo Vergassola, Physics Department, University of California San Diego, USA (ICAM branch)


Animals have to move in order to accomplish fundamental tasks such as foraging, migration and mating. They navigate the environment by collecting information through their senses, integrating the different inputs and generating a motor response that finally results in efficient search strategies. How do different organisms solve similar problems? Are there unifying principles? How are neural circuits organized so as to direct appropriate behavior? Can animal behavior provide useful inspiration for robotics applications? Can results from decision­ making theory improve our understanding of animal behavior? How can physical and mathematical modeling contribute to advance our knowledge? This workshop aims at gathering physicists, biologists, neuroscientists, and computer scientists to offer their diverse perspectives and explore new directions for research and opportunities for collaborations in this rapidly developing field.

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