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Materials and Mechanisms of Superconductivity 2012 (1210)

July 29, 2012 – August 03, 2012


Washington, DC


Laura H. Greene, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
George Crabtree, Argonne National Laboratory
Peter Johnson, Brookhaven National Laboratory



M2S will draw a diversity of scientists from the worldwide research community to consider the triumphs of the last three years and conceive the promising directions of the future.  The themes of the conference will reflect the new and emerging directions of the field, with emphasis on new materials, mechanisms and phenomena that elaborate the richness and diversity of strong correlation, competing phases, quantum critical points, multiband behavior, electronic inhomogeneity and exotic pairing in electronic and vortex matter.

The conference will feature tutorial lectures for students, postdocs and early career scientists capturing the promise and excitement of new research directions, a public lecture on the societal importance of superconductivity, status reports on the growing impact of applications, and overview talks for researchers on the latest advances.  Students and early career scientists will interact with senior researchers through various forums to promote informal discussion and networking.

Thrust Area

Quantum Matter

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