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Max Planck Consortium - Dresden

Joined ICAM in 2002


The Max Planck Consortium, consists of Physics of Complex Systems (MPIPCS) and Chemical Physics of Solids (MPICPS).

The research at the Max Planck Consortium Physics of Complex Systems Institute in the field of the physics of complex systems ranges from classical to quantum physics and focuses on three main areas, which correspond to the activities in the three divisions:

  • Condensed Matter

  • Finite Systems

  • Biological Physics

The main aim of the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids consists of: Experimental research of intermetallic phases and modified systems with new chemical and physical properties.

Our main research fields include:

  • Inorganic Chemistry

  • Chemical Metals Science

  • Solid State Physics

  • Physics of Correlated Matter

Member Institutions

  • Physics of Complex Systems (MPIPCS)

  • Chemical Physics of Solids (MPICPS)

Branch Members

Senior Scientists

  • Frank Julicher

  • Stefan Kirchner

  • Andrew Mackenzie

  • Roderich Moessner

  • Michael Nicklas

  • Steffen Wirth

Post Docs

  • Andrey Antipov

  • Adolfo Gonzalez Grushin

  • Panchanan Khuntia

  • James LeBlanc

  • Jun Won Rhim

  • Guangcun Shan


  • Johannes Knolle

  • Siddhardh Morampudi

  • Krishanu Roychowdhury


  • Johannes Knolle

  • Siddhardh Morampudi

  • Krishanu Roychowdhury

Workshop Application

  • Active Soft and Biological Matter

    • Author: Frank Julicher

  • Beyond Integrability: The Mathematics and Physics of Integrability and its Breaking in Low Dimensional Strongly Correlated Quantum Phenomena

    • Author: Masud Haque

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