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New Horizons in Condensed Matter Physics

February 04, 2008 – February 09, 2008


Aspen Center for Physics, Colorado


Kat Moler

Joel Moore

Wim Van Saaroos

Chandra Varma


This conference will focus on recent advances in condensed matter physics that promise to open up conceptually novel directions of research. This is a relatively broad conference highlighting the most important and rapidly developing areas from both “hard” and “soft” condensed matter and especially their overlap.


The topics covered are:

* New numerical and mathematical methods in Condensed Matter Theory
* New paradigms in statistical mechanics of non-equilibrium processes: glassy systems,
* Dynamical transitions and jamming, non-equilibrium processes in molecules and ultrafast dynamics
* New material: graphene, multi-ferroics, time-reversal violating superconductors
* Novel quantum phases and quantum phase transitions: frustrated magnets, dissipative
* Quantum transitions, heavy-fermion quantum criticality
* Nano-mechanics, and quantum electronics of small devices

In addition to leading practitioners in the field, we intend to have about 30 post-docs and young researchers whose expenses will be partially deferred through a grant from ICAM. They are encouraged to apply to one of the organizers below. Participants are expected to attend the whole conference and to ensure maximum attendance in the limited housing available, it is recommended that they plan to share rooms.

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