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The New Developments in Condensed Matter Physics (6127)

July 19, 2014 – August 06, 2014


Weihai, China. Weihai is in Shandong Province, located on the beautiful sea shore of the East Chinese Sea.

Xincheng Xie, Peking University, China
Qingfeng Sun, Peking University, China
Biao Wu, Peking University, China
Ji Feng, Peking University, China

ICAM-China Summer School Website


ICAM-China and the Collaborative Innovation Center of Quantum Matter will conduct an international Summer School this year from July 19 - August 06 at the Shandong University Academic Center. The Summer School will focus on “The New Developments in Condensed Matter Physics”, which includes new phenomena and predicted effects observed in the observation of quantum anomalous Hall effect (QAHE), discovery of iron-based superconductors, progress in interface superconductivity, valleytronics, spin superconductor, spin superfluidity and so on. The student participants will include a balanced mix of international students.

The main purpose of this Summer School is to fill the gaps between graduate courses and cutting edge research in modern condensed matter physics. The Summer School will be specially designed for senior undergraduate and the first or second year graduate students, who are about to begin or just start their Ph.D studies in condensed matter physics. The Summer


School will include the following contents:
i) Topological insulator and Quantum anomalous Hall effect (QAHE), which including the introduction of the topological orders and the topological classifications of the states in condensed matter, QAHE in theory and realization in experiments;
ii) Iron-based superconductors, which will introduce the structure and classification of iron-based superconductors and discuss the urgent problems in it;
iii) Low-dimensional superconductors, including the introduction of interface superconductivity, low-dimensional conventional superconductors/high temperature superconductors;
iv) Two-dimensional materials, including physical properties of graphene, MoS2, etc. and introduction of valleytronics;
v) Spin superconductor and spin superfluidity, which will introduce AC spin-current Josephson effect, ultracold atomic gases, Bose-Einstein condensate, spin current, etc.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to cover students’ airfare (US$1650) and local expenses (hotel and meals) to the students selected by the organizing committee.

The local accommodations and meals for all students will be covered by the Summer School Commission. All selected students will be provided with 3 meals in the university cafeteria and be housed in a hotel (two students/room) near Shandong University during the Summer School.

Invited Speakers (Tentative)

  • Kai Chang Institute of semiconductor, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Jaroslav Fabian Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Regensburg, Germany

  • Zhong Fang Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Michael S. Fuhrer School of Physics, Monash University, Australia

  • Jiangping Hu Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Jiping Huang Department of Physics, Fudan University,China

  • Mathias Kläui Institute of Physics, University of Mainz, Germany

  • Masatoshi Sato Department of Applied Physics, Nagoya University, Japan

  • Ryuichi Shindo International Center for Quantum Materials, Peking University

  • Qimiao Si Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rice University, USA

  • Jian Wang International Center for Quantum Materials, Peking University

  • Nanlin Wang Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Hongming Weng Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Kehui Wu Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Jiang Xiao Department of Physics, Fudan University

  • Hongqi Xu Department of Electronics, Peking Univeersity

  • Qi-Kun Xue Department of Physics, Tsinghua University

  • Daoxin Yao School of Physics and Engineering, Sun Yat-Sen University

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