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From Mott to Eliashberg: New Twists in High-Temperature Superconductivity and Beyond (8826)

Condensed Matter Physics in the Cities


London, 1 - 5 July 2019

Paris, 8 - 12 July 2019

London, 15 -16 July 2019 (directly followed by TEMM2019)


  • Giovanni Sordi, HTC, Royal Holloway, University of London

  • Matthias Eschrig, HTC, Royal Holloway, University of London

  • Silke Biermann, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, Paris

  • Marcelo Rozenberg, LPS Orsay, Paris

  • Jorge Quintanilla, University of Kent

  • Sam Carr, HTC, University of Kent (Student co-ordinator)

  • Andrew Green, HTC, University College London

  • Ryan Barnett, HTC, Imperial College London


This programme aims to bring together condensed matter theorists and experimentalists from around the world. The structure and programme of the meeting are designed to foster in-depth discussion of the state of the art and initiation of promising new lines of enquiry. The themes of the programme reflect the new and emerging directions of the field.


Our programme for Condensed Matter Physics in the Cities 2019 combines the following topics:

  • Mott physics in the era of graphene

  • Strongly correlated systems at high-pressure

  • Mottronics and Neuromorphic Devices

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