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Rutgers University


The New Brunswick campus of Rutgers University is a founding member of the “Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter” or ICAM. ICAM is an “Institute without Walls” : an organization devoted to the understanding and research into the principles that govern collective behavior in matter - ranging from cold quantum matter, soft condensed matter, to biological matter.


Key members of the Rutgers ICAM team are the Condensed Matter group, the Biomaps research institute and the department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.


Past ICAM/I2CAM events co-organized by Rutgers members include “Quantum Criticality” (New York, 2003), “Frontiers in Correlated Matter” (Aspen, Snowmass 2004), the “ICAM workshop on Transport in Single-Crystal Organic Semiconductors” (Baltimore, 2006), the Chromatin Dynamics Workshop (Aspen, 2006) and the first I2CAM/FAPERJ school on emergent matter, Rio de Janeiro (2007).

Branch Members

Senior Scientists

  • Eva Andrei

  • Natan Andrei

  • Girsh Blumbert

  • Piers Coleman

  • Gabi Kotliar

  • Vitaly Podzorov

  • Karin Rabe

Post Docs

  • Camille Aron

  • Yanwei Cao

  • Maxim Kharitonov

  • Hyungwon Kim

  • Yoon Seok Oh

  • Tze Tzen ONg

  • Jan Tomczak


  • Victor Alexandrov

  • Aravind Devarakonda

  • Victor Drouin-Touchette

  • Bin Gao

  • Hsianghsi Kung

  • Hsiang-Hsi Kung

  • Adina Luican-Mayer

  • Aline Ramires

  • Sebastian Reyes-Lillo

  • Yazhong Wang

  • Chuck-Hou Yee

  • Tahir Yusufaly

Joined ICAM in 2002

Junior Short Award

  • Author: Hsianghsi Kung

Senior Scientist Award

  • Author: Girsh Blumberg

Workshop Application

  • Gordon research conference and Gordon research seminar on correlated electron systems

    • Author: Eva Andrei

  • ICAM – ICTP research school. “Innovations in Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems”

    • Author: Piers Coleman

  • New Paradigms for Low-Dimensional Electronic Materials

    • Author: Karin Rabe

  • International Workshop on Field-effect Transistors and Functional Interfaces (FET2014)

    • Author: Vitaly Podzorov

  • Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems – Novel materials meet novel theories

    • Author: Piers Coleman

  • New Horizons at the Frontier of magnetism & superconductivity

    • Author: Piers Coleman

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