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South Bay Interdisciplinary Science Center

Joined ICAM in 2020


The South Bay Interdisciplinary Science Center (SBISC) is one of the four core divisions of the Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory (SLAB), a newly founded research institution under the auspices of the Institute of Physics (IOP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in partnership with Dongguan Municipality and the Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS. SBISC supports basic and applied research in matter and energy, life sciences, advanced manufacturing, and artificial intelligence. The Center partners with leading research institutions and universities from home and abroad, to attract top international scientists to visit and conduct cooperative research, and sponsors a variety of academic activities, including mini-workshops, summer/winter schools, visitor programs and international conferences. Two global fellowship programs, Distinguished Junior Fellows and Distinguished Senior Fellows, have been recently established to support independent and collaborative research at the Center, particularly in cross-disciplinary areas. Shorter visits to conduct academic exchange and collaboration are very welcome as well.

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Branch Members

Senior Scientists

  • Leihan Tang, Director, SBISC

  • Jinkui Zhao, Associate Director, SBISC

  • Xi Dai, Professor, SBISC

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