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Shenzhen Institute of Synthetic Biology of SIAT, CAS

Joined ICAM in 2022


Shenzhen Institute of Synthetic Biology (hereinafter referred to as the “iSynBio”) is an unincorporated scientific research institute led by the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIAT), with the Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital and BGI as the core participating units. In January 2019, iSynBio was established by the Institute of Synthetic Biology (the seventh institute under SIAT) based on the “co-construction of schools and institutes” format. iSynBio began with the vision of building and understanding life, integrating BT and IT, and constructing a world-class synthetic biology research institute. It is guided by the concept of “build life to understand it, build life to use it”, and focuses on understanding artificial living systems. The research institute has a strong commitment to developing the field of synthetic biology by reshaping and expanding the knowledge base, and conducting research to understand basic principles, develop new methodologies, and advance medical applications. iSynBio has built a comprehensive “five-in-one” innovation ecosystem model based on multidisciplinary collaboration between multiple participating organizations. The innovative model is made possible with the contribution of several players, including the Institute of Synthetic Biology’s talents, participants involved in scientific research and industry, national ministries and commissions, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and local governments.

Branch Members

Senior Scientists

  • Xiongfei Fu

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