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Superconductivity and Superfluidity in Finite Systems. An ICAM Domestic Exploratory Workshop

May 28, 2008 – May 29, 2008


University of Wisconsin, Madison


A. Bezryadin (UIUC)

A. Chubukov (UW-Madison)

P. Goldbart (UIUC)

R. Joynt (UW-Madison)

M. Vavilov (UW-Madison) 

E. Yuzbashyan (Rutgers)


The workshop aimed at bringing together researchers working in two seemingly distinct fields: ultra-small superconductors and degenerate atomic gases. Among the topics that will be discussed are the spatial and temporal evolution of the superconducting/superfluid order parameter (which emerges due to, e.g., the proximity effect in hybrid systems and Feshbach-resonance-controlled pairing in degenerate atomic gases), dissipation (via phase slips) and relaxation in systems out of equilibrium.The workshop is hosted by the Condensed Matter group of the University of Wisconsin–Madison Physics Department.

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