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Thermodynamics and Non-equilibrium Phenomena at Quantum Interfaces of Light and Matter (8064)

September 19, 2016 – September 24, 2016


Cambridge, UK


Hakan Tureci, Princeton University
Mete Atature, University of Cambridge



The purpose of this summer school is to bring together experts from the fields of quantum optics &  optomechanics, quantum gases, nanophotonics, quantum thermodynamics and quantum measurement theory to discuss and lecture on emerging themes in a variety of quantum light-­‐ matter interfaces. Complex quantum models of spins and bosons can now be engineered with quantum nanophotonic, atomic and superconducting cavity-­‐QED platforms, by scaling these up to larger architectures. In particular, such coupled quantum light-­‐matter systems have emerged as an ideal platform to study non-­‐equilibrium quantum dynamics and the notions of thermodynamics and heat engines in the quantum regime. Experimental advances in recent years led to a rapid build up of cross-­‐talk among a diverse set of fields that traditionally have not been in contact with each other. New types of quantum control, information processing and sensing applications are envisioned and act as drivers of research into fundamental aspects of light-­‐matter interactions. These rapid developments created a knowledge base that is constantly in flux in recent years, making it hard for young researchers and even experts to get a broad view of this emerging field.

The goal of this summer school is to sharpen the underlying themes and bring forth the organizing principles, while providing a broad view by bringing together experts specializing on a variety of platforms from nanophotonics and superconducting circuits to exciton-­‐polaritonic systems and quantum gases.

Thrust Area

Quantum Matter

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