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University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS)

Joined ICAM in 2020


The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) espouses the philosophy of "The Fusion of Scientific Research and Teaching" as its basic system of education.  The fusion of UCAS and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) institutes in terms of management, education, faculty, training, and scientific research is fully supported and facilitated by and under the auspices of CAS. The predecessor of UCAS was the Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (GUCAS), the first graduate school in China by approval of the State Council. UCAS graduated first doctoral student in science, first doctoral student in engineering, first female doctoral student and first student with double doctoral degrees in China. In 2014, UCAS began to recruit undergraduates.

Most CAS institutes shoulder the main responsibilities of graduate education, and also provide tutors, practice, and experience bases for UCAS undergraduates. UCAS boasts a team of highly qualified faculty consisting of distinguished professors from CAS institutes, strong at both education and scientific research. UCAS also provides first-class research conditions for students to conduct scientific research. As of the end of 2018, UCAS had about 3,000 professors, 11,737 supervisors, including 240 CAS Members and 6,637 doctoral supervisors from three national research centers (or labs), 77 national key labs, 189 CAS key labs, 41 national engineering research centers (or labs) and various national frontier scientific research projects. This outstanding faculty are able to provide a grand and vast educational platform for students to engage in scientific research.


Courtesy of:

Branch Members

Senior Scientists

  • Fuchun Zhang, director, Kavli Institute for theoretical Sciences (KITS)

  • Gang Su, Professor, deputy director of the KITS

  • Xiao Lin, Professor, School of Physics

  • Sadamichi Maekawa, Distinguished Visiting Professor of the KITS

Junior Scientists

  • Bo Gu, Associate Professor, KITS

  • Matsuo Mamoru, Associate Professor, KITS

  • Long Zhang, tenure-track Assistant Professor, KITS

  • Zheng Zhu, incoming faculty, KITS

  • Shenghan Jiang, incoming faculty, KITS

  • Chingkai Chiu, Senior researcher, KITS

Post Docs

  • Rui-Zhen Huang

  • Yi Zhang

  • Junji Fujimori

  • Yuya Ominato

  • Shengshan Qin

  • Yu Li

  • Vivek Mashra


  • Jialong Zhang

  • Zhan Wang

  • Yue-Jiu Zhao

  • Yingyu Yang

  • Huike Jin

  • Gaowei, Qiu

  • Jintao Jin

  • Liangyu Chen

  • Yunlong Yu

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