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Workshop on Probing and Understanding Exotic Superconductors and Superfluids (6107)

October 27, 2014 – October 31, 2014


Trieste, Italy

Massimo Capone, CNR-IOM and SISSA
Vladimir Kravtsov, ICTP
Sebastiano Pilati, ICTP
Stefano Giorgini, University of Trento


This workshop aims at gathering leading scientists that are pushing the boundaries in the fields of superconducting materials and of ultracold atoms, following two main directions:

1) New tools to probe and understand the superconducting/super-fluid phenomenon, ranging from novel spectroscopies and advances in manipulating and imaging ultracold atomic gases, to developments of theoretical methods like Dynamical Mean-Field Theory or Quantum and Diagrammatic Monte Carlo.

2) Exotic super-fluid and superconducting states arising in strongly interacting systems from the interplay between pairing, correlations, disorder, reduced dimensionality and mass or population imbalance. Outstanding open problems in condensed matter physics, in particular, the role played by correlations, disorder and reduced dimensionality in superconducting materials, can be addressed using new probes, such as time-resolved spectroscopies (optical or photo-emission) in probe or pump experiments, or using tailored experimental set-ups implemented with atomic gases. In these systems, external fields and interactions can be tuned essentially at will. Ultracold gases can also be used as quantum simulators to test new theoretical/computational tools, which in turn can be employed in solid-state systems to design materials with novel electronic properties. Prototypes of new exotic super-fluid states can be easily engineered with cold atoms, thus paving the wave for the implementation in solid-state devices. 

It is thus of paramount importance to gather together experimentalists and theoreticians working on solid-state systems and on ultracold gases. The exchange of ideas between different communities will boost the development of a unified description of emergent collective phenomena such as exotic superconductivity and superfluidity. This will help the identification of common unanswered questions and to trace a shared path towards the design and realization of new exotic superconducting and super-fluid states.

Thrust Area

Quantum Matter

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