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Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center

Joined ICAM in 2020


Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center (WHMFC) is built in Huazhong University of Science and Technology, which is a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary research university, covering 12 major disciplines, offering 94 undergraduate programs, 225 master programs, and 184 PhD programs. There are 39 post-doctoral research centers, 7 national key first-level disciplines and 15 national key sub-disciplines.


WHMFC is a national research institute open to researchers in China and abroad. We attach great importance to academic exchange and cooperation and have established good cooperative relations with many universities and international research labs. The center has completed and opened to public since October, 2013. In the past 7 years, total of 93 organizations used the facility and 1,157 research projects were completed, among which the external share ratio of effective magnetic time reached 77%.


We can produce pulsed magnetic fields with peak field to 90.6 T (highest in Asia and third highest in the world), and 64T flat magnetic field within 20 ms (world record at present). The experimental magnetic field is covered from 20-80T. Twelve experimental stations for studying electrical transport, magnetic properties, specific heat, magneto-optics and electron spin resonance (ESR) can be used in parallel, which are equipped with low-temperature cryostats (from 39mK to 400K), high-voltage batteries, and various lasers with associated optical systems. This provides an outstanding research tool and high-level research opportunities in the research areas of condensed matter physics, chemistry, life science and materials science for the scientific communities in China and abroad.

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Branch Members

Senior Scientists

  • Liang Li

  • Xiaotao Han

  • Gang Xu 

  • Zhengcai Xia

  • Hongfa Ding

  • Tao Peng

  • Zengwei Zhu

  • Junfeng Wang   

  • Zhongwen Ouyang

  • Zhenxing Wang                             

  • Junbo Han

  • Yibo Han

  • Haibin Yu

  • Yongkang Luo

  • Yuesheng Li

  • Huahua Fu

  • Jia Zhang

  • Jingtao Lv

  • Jinhua Gao

  • Shun Wang

  • Xin Liu

  • Yingshuang Fu

  • Zhaoming Tian

Post Docs

  • Hongwei Dai                          

  • Qing Xie

  • Hui Cheng                          

  •  Xiaokang Li

  • Huihui Geng                          

  • Zhuoran He


  • Feng Yang                           

  • Chuan Tian

  • Xiaoxing Zhang                         

  • Ying Li

  • Yongfu Ma                           

  • Liangcai Xu

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