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Biologically Enabled Self-Assembly

May 19, 2015 – May 22, 2015 


FAMU - Pharmacy Building 1415 S. MLK Blvd.

Tallahassee, Florida 32307 USA 850-321-5265

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Deadline to reserve rooms is May 8th, 2015.



Daniel L. Cox, University of California, Davis
Gang-Yu Liu, University of California, Davis
Michael Toney, University of California, Davis
Mogus Mochena, Florida A&M
Anant Paravastu, Florida A&M



The age of the universe is estimated to be around 13.8 billion yeas. During this long stretch of time, nature has been a great laboratory where myriads of objects have been formed or synthesized. Nowhere is this more evident than in biological systems, which provide with rich array of structures, from the simplest small RNA molecule to functional organelles such as ribosomes or flagellar nanomotors to viruses and complete cells. These are all, of course, self-assembled without any robots or humans putting their components together. The goal of the workshop is to share recent progress in self-assembly of DNA, peptoids and proteins and how to mimick them to achieve desired functionalities. DNA self-assembly has been successfully exploited to template nanostructures. Proteins and peptoids are fantastic nanoscale building blocks; in aggregate they can self assemble into one-, two- and three-dimensional structural scaffold motifs that are highly resistant to damage from heat, chemicals, enzymes, and light. Leading scientists from round the world will give lectures on their research and in-depth discussions will be held following each lecture.

Invited Speakers

Caroline Ajo-Franklin, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory;
Jacob Bale, University of Washington;
Paul Chaikin, New York University;
Matthew Chapman, University of Michigan;
Carol Hall, North Carolina State;
Sinan Keten, Northwestern University ;
Timothy Ly, Massachusetts Institute of Technology;
Alan Mark, University of Queensland;
Anant Paravastu, Florida A&M;
Maria Peralta, University of California, Davis;
Art Ramirez, University of California, Santa Cruz;
Ned Seeman, New York University;
Joel Schnieider, National Institutes of Health;
Akif Tezcan, University of California, San Diego;
Tuomas Knowles, University of Cambridge ;
Todd Yeates, University of California, Los Angeles;
Roya Zandi, University of California, Riverside;
Wenbin Zhang, Beijing University;
Ron Zuckermann, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory;

Thrust Area

Biological Matter

Soft Matter

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