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Computational Quantum Materials (5737)

May 26, 2014 – June 06, 2014


Magog, Quebec, Canada

Photo Credits:

Andre-Marie Tremblay, University of Sherbrooke
Gabi Kotliar, Rutgers University
Matthias Troyer, ETH Zurich
Michel Cote, University of Montreal


Numerical methods are playing a more and more prominent role in many of the forefront fields of research: Quantum magnetism, Quantum liquids, Bose-Einstein condensates, Quantum Computing, cuprate and pnictide High-Temperature superconductors, Particle Physics are a few example. This School will focus on computational tools for materials whose spectacular properties are consequences of the non-trivial quantum mechanical nature of matter. Quantum mechanics allows electrons to be at the same time localized as particles, or propagating as waves, but it also allows interacting electrons in a piece of matter to behave in a highly organized, collective way. Materials with these properties are called strongly correlated quantum materials. Examples of spectacular electronic properties arising from quantum mechanics include high-temperature superconductivity and perfect metallic behavior at the surfaces of topological insulators.

Invited Speakers
Amadon, Bernard (Bruyère) -  Local Density Approximation and Dynamical Mean-Field Theory
Corboz, Philippe (ETH) -  Projected entangled-pair states (PEPS) and fermionic tensor networks
Côté, Michel (Montréal) -  Local Density Approximation + U, Density functional theory 
Del Maestro, Adrian (Vermont) - Worm algorithms
K. Haule (Rutgers) - Wien2k + Dynamical Mean-Field Theory
Kotliar, Gabi (Rutgers) - Dynamical Mean-Field Theory and ab initio methods
Melko, Roger (Waterloo) - Quantum Monte Carlo, SSE, loop updates, Monte Carlo and Quantum information
Ion Garate (Sherbrooke) - Topological Insulators
Schöllwock, Uli (Aachen) - Numerical Renormalization Group, Dynamics in Density Matrix Renormalization Group
Sénéchal, David (Sherbrooke) - Quantum cluster methods
Tremblay, André-Marie (Sherbrooke) - Refresher in QM, Introduction to many-body theory
Troyer, Matthias (ETH) - Introduction to Quantum Monte Carlo methods, Stochastic series expansion, ALPS codes
Werner, Philipp (Columbia) - Continuous Time Quantum Monte Carlo Methods. Weak and strong coupling expansions.
White, Steve (UC Irvine) - Density Matrix Renormalization Group

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