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Condensed Matter Physics in the City (8063)

July 04, 2016 – July 15, 2016


London, United Kingdom



Giovanni Sordi, Royal Holloway University of London
Sam Carr, University of Kent
Matthias Eschrig, Royal Holloway University of London
Jorge Quintanilla, University of Kent
Frank Kruger, University College London


This programme aims to bring together condensed matter theorists and
experimentalists from around the world. The structure and programme of the
meeting are designed to foster in-depth discussion of the state of the art and
initiation of promising new lines of enquiry. The themes of the programme reflect
the new and emerging directions of the field.

Our programme for Condensed Matter Physics in the City 2016 combines three topics:

1. Topological order in real materials. The insight that symmetry as a geometrical property of a material governs its phases (and may lead e.g. to gauge bosons) has been complemented by the recent discovery that materials can also be classified according to topology (and may give rise to topological fermions). Bulk-surface correspondence allows for experimental exploration of topological order in real materials.

2. Emergent topological particles in condensed matter. The exciting race for the discovery and exploration of Majorana fermions and Weyl fermions in topological materials has inspired a generation of young scientists, if only for the reason that the former have not been found so far in nature. Weyl fermions lead to novel phenomena like Fermi arcs at surfaces, while Majorana fermions raise new hopes for the age of quantum information.

3. Physics at interfaces between correlated materials. This quickly developing field explores phenomena like gate-controlled superconductor-to-insulator transitions, charge-vortex duality and interface ferromagnetism at LAO/STO interfaces, interaction between magnetism and superconductivity at manganite/ cuprate interfaces, or emergent skyrmions in transition-metal multilayers.

Thrust Area

Quantum Matter

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