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Low-dimensional Materials, Strongly Correlations, and Quantum Technology (2432)

August 14, 2012 – August 26, 2012


Windsor, UK (Cumberland Lodge at Windsor Great Park)



Vladimir Falko, Lancaster University
Peter Littlewood, University of Chicago & Argonne National Lab
Boris Altshuler, Columbia University NYC
Daniel Loss, Basel University


This School for postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers will address raising fundamental issues related to new quantum physics discovered in low-dimensional materials and nanostructures, development and studies of nanostructures for applications in quantum technologies, studies of artificial matter using cold atoms. The training programme will include lectures, tutorials, poster sessions preceded by short talks given by the attendees, and it will review of the recent progress in the theory and experiment in the following areas: Graphene (fundamental properties and graphene-based devices) ; Two-dimensional materials beyond graphene; topological insulators; Theoretical techniques for strongly correlated systems; Spin qubits, superconducting qubits, and quantum technologies; Trapped cold atomic gases as models for strongly correlated and disordered materials.ent.

Thrust Area

Quantum Matter

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