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Non-Equilibrium Physics from Classical to Quantum Low Dimensional Systems

July 06, 2009 – July 24, 2009


Trieste, Italy


Leticia Cugliandolo, Paris; Leonid Glazman, Yale; Giuseppe Mussardo, SISSA, Italy


This Summer College will review the state of the art in the experiment and theory of classical and quantum nonequilibrium phenomena in low dimensional systems. Lecture courses consist on 10 series of 2-4 lectures on general topics will encompass:

·      Keldysh formalism
·      Nonequilibrium critical phenomena in classical systems
·      Nonequilibrium phyics in nanostructures
·      Boundary field theory and nonequilibrium
·      Numerical approaches to nonequilibrium problems
·      Dynamics of spin glasses
·      Noise in nonequilibrium quantum systems
·      RG and flow equations for nonquilibrium quantum systems

Lectures will be complemented with seminars, discussions, tutorials and poster sessions.

Topics of the College:

·      General analytical and numerical approaches: bulk and boundary field theories,
·      Keldysh technique, time-dependent DMRG
·      Critical phenomena in classical and quantum non-equilibrium systems
·      Dynamics of quantum and classical glasses
·      Non-equilibrium physics in nanostructures and quantum gases

·      Dissipative quantum and classical systems

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