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Planer-Smoluchowski Soft Matter Workshop on Liquid Crystals and Colloidal Dispersions (PSSM-2009)

June 22, 2009


Lviv, Ukraine


Liquid crystals and colloidal dispersions are of vital importance for technological applications and practical devices. The Planer-Smoluchowski Soft Matter (PSSM) Workshop will bring together prominent scientists working at the forefronts of soft materials science and statistical physics, postdoctoral fellows, students and will enable them to discuss recent advances in the field of liquid crystals and colloidal dispersions. Additionally Workshop will celebrate the legacy of Julius Planer and Marian Smoluchowski who made pioneering contribution to the understanding of these classical soft condensed matter systems.

The presentations will be webcast in real time and those who register around the World will have an opportunity to participate in the Workshop interacting with speakers and asking questions.

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